A JKDF2 and MOTS engine recreation.

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A JKDF2 and MOTS engine recreation.

Smith is fully portable: there is no installation and no registry entries. The config INI and a small number of temporary files are extracted to the exe’s directory.

Gameplay video

Project page

You can find the Smith project at JKHub at the following link:


The forum at the project page is a good place to go if you have problems or questions.

Common questions

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Key Function
Hold left click look around
WSAD move around
Right click activate things
Q/Z jump/crouch and move up/down
Space fire
CTRL alt-fire
SHIFT move faster in neo mode
1..0 select weapon
ENTER use item
square brackets cycle item
F use force power
; ‘ cycle force power
SHIFT+Right click saber damage to surface
F1 toggle 1st/3rd camera
F5 toggle FPS mouse; mouse directly controls camera, left click becomes shoot, right click becomes jump, space becomes activate
F12 toggle fullscreen mode. automatically engages FPS mouse
F11 toggle side panel
R respawn if dead
ALT hold in neo mode for anim
P reset seated pose VR view

NOTE: The hotkeys framework is still a work-in-progress. Therefore, the key mapping is not configurable at this time. There is an option to change mouse invert but that’s about it. This means it is also not possible to map new keys that are included with mods (for example the Reload key for SS3). This crucial component to the game will be addressed relatively soon.

Advanced functionality

There are a number of options and buttons on the various tabs, as well as command-line arguments and other functionality of the engine. For map makers, there is also an extremely useful integration to JED/ZED. You can learn more about these features here:

Advanced functionality

Thing Animator


One of the main reasons for recreating the JK engine is to have full unadulterated power over the source code to make whatever improvements the community desires. You can find out what’s new here:



The JK community is a powerful group of intelligent individuals and it is only through their careful research that this project is possible. There are many ways you can contribute to Smith; whether by playtesting or programming the engine itself, and everything in-between. Please check the link below.

Information for contributers


The current version can be found here:

Research Document


This project is for the good of JK.

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"My Program" refers to Smith
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"Software" refers to Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
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